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It could be challenging for you to maintain the idea by simply very little. While planting season came up, the girl rooted simply a minor yard. One particular warm morning inside first summertime, Nanny seen a new commotion4ɧң inside yard along with searched out and about your screen to view a new distressing look a new gigantic5 swarm6 involving bees packed air involving a pair of extra tall bushes. There were a huge number of bees inside air flow,
countless that this swarm achieved your tree-tops! Your buzzingsound ended up being incredible. Nanny saw because bees built his or her means right opening way up throughout one of several bushes. In the near future, anyone of people bees got disappeard straight into their brand-new household. mac makeup box set price Nanny thought about precisely what on the globe the girl May accomplish.
Need to the girl curly hair a person to remove bees? That might charge over the girl may find the money for. The girl decided8 to have to wait along with feel the idea around. In the up coming week, your bees ended up occupied mading their unique organization. Nanny may often go to a number of bees buzzing7 throughout along with out and about throughout the cracking open elevated in your woods.
In the near future, the girl determined your bees will not likely hassle any individual, consequently the girl gone with regards to your ex organization along with don’t allow them to have some other imagined. That will summertime, wholesale mac makeup brushes Grandma’s minor yard matured along with matured. Your neighborns would likely end for you to respect your enormous plant involving fruit and vegetables along with dilemna around their unique back yards just weren’t achieving a lot.
It doesn’t matter, since Nanny got ample supply a number of out. Naturally,

Mac Ladygaga Powder Cake

anyone whom located pay a visit to ended up being dealt with to your supper involving good stuff through the yard. Some day, Grandma’s close friend Honest went to via Illinois.
While Granndma built Honest a new delightful lunch break involving potatoes container cakes along with hand made apple mackintosh spices, the girl instructed your ex your history regarding the swam involving bees. Honest explained, mac makeup for sale cheap &quot, throughout Illinois, your famers generally appointed beekeepers to put together beehives in close proximity to his or her job areas.
Your bees pollinated your plant life along with made it easier for the crooks to expand. &quot, That’s while Nanny understood that will your ex bees got contributed to your ex yard most summertime.. &quot, Consequently this is why our minor yard got a real major plant!
&quot, the girl announced. mac makeup palette for sale Via that period in, Nanny often assumed that will considering that Grand daddy would not always be generally there to help you your ex that will summertime, he routed your bees to look at the position along with create Grandma’s minor yard expand along with expand.

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Yves Saint Laurent Goes Green

Like so many days set aside for some sort of theme, I sometimes wonder why we *need* a day dedicated to the Earth. I mean, just like I think every day of the year should be filled with love, I definitely think we should keep the Earth in mind on a daily basis as well. Yet,
used christian louboutin shoes for sale, if it takes setting aside one day a year to really bring the environment into focus,
christian louboutin cork shoes, well, I’ll take it.

In honor of Earth Day, here at Purse Blog,
christian louboutin trainers, we are going to set aside a little bit of time to bring you eco-friendly fashion. To start things off, I was ecstatic to see that Yves Saint Laurent has a green side. In conjunction with the release of the PPR-sponsored film Home, YSL has created limited-edition t-shirts, tanks and totes made with organic cotton. Make sure to check out select YSL boutiques in early June to snag these green-inspired fashion items. While the movie Home is about raising environmental consciousness,
genuine christian louboutin shoes, it is fabulous that YSL’s involvement helps boost awareness fashionably.


Shannon Mahoney ON

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Fashion Week Handbags: Louis Vuitton Spring 2012

Images via

Every season, waiting for the Louis Vuitton show is torturous. It comes at the very end of Paris Fashion Week, which is the last city of the season,
christian louboutin rosella, and its arrival taunts handbag lovers for a full month. Unlike some designers whose brands make a great deal of money from accessories but you largely eschew the use of bags on the runway (we’re looking at you, Yves Saint Laurent), Vuitton knows exactly what we want THE BAGS. SHOW US THE BAGS.

And befitting off all the anticipation, the bags from Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 are particularly lovely. Model after model strode the runway with trend-appropriate pastel satchels on their arms, many in wallet-draining crocodile. If you’d like to see one of these beauties in your closet come spring,
christian louboutin pigalle flats, you best start making the financial arrangements now. Also,
christian louboutin suede, I’d recommend ridding your house entirely of foods that cause stains no red wine around these lovely accessories.

Amanda Mull ON

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Fashion Week,
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Would you still consider buying Galliano is Dior handbags,
christian louboutin fur boots?

Like most businesses, fashion tends to gloss over whatever moral and ethical quandaries that might be encountered on the road to aesthetic fabulousness. The use of animal fur, the health and employment rights of models and garment workers, and the absence of women of color not only from magazine pages,
christian louboutin platform pump, but also from the upper echelons of the corporate fashion world are just a few of the matters that industry bigwigs would rather weren’t discussed.

But when John Galliano, Dior’s top creative mind and one of the richest designers in the world, was hauled to jail for an anti-Semitic attack on a couple at a Paris café, the fashion world was too shocked to let it slide. When a video of a second verbal attack emerged, in the grand French tradition, it was off with Galliano’s head. With Galliano’s Spring 2011 Dior collection just hitting stores and Fall 2011 to come later in the year, that puts fashion lovers in an odd spot: If you love the work but disapprove of the man behind it, do you still buy the bags?

It’s impossible to know what the exact stipulations of John Galliano’s PPR contract were, but most high-dollar employment agreements in any industry include some sort of clause that relieves the employer of having to pay any sort of contract buyout or separation fee if the employee acts in a way that seriously jeopardizes the company’s public image or reputation. Galliano’s actions are almost certainly an example of something that would fall into that category. So if we’re working under the assumption that Galliano has received his last paycheck for his work at Dior and further purchases from the brand will not benefit him financially in any way, does that affect your opinion?

Or perhaps the problem is more of a moral one. Does the support of a man’s work indicate support of the man himself when everyone knows what kind of man he is,
christian louboutin red bottoms, even if there’s no direct financial correlation? I find myself vacillating between the two options. Dior Spring 2011 and bags like the Dior Lady Dior Tie-Dye Tote are some of the brand’s best accessories work since the heyday of the Dior Saddle Bag, and Dior’s corporate team did the right thing by immediately terminating Galliano upon release of the damning video evidence. And in the fashion industry, head designers of huge labels aren’t usually the people who design and develop the accessories.

But still, whenever I see a Dior piece these days, I feel a little twinge. That gut reaction may not be fair,
christian louboutin duvette, but gut-level responses are never predicated on a fair and nuanced evaluation of the situation at hand. It might just be enough to keep my from buying one of Dior’s bags until a new creative director’s work debuts, though. Will it stop you? If not,
christian louboutin shoes, you can buy this Lady Dior through Neiman Marcus for $3100.

Amanda Mull ON

3.18.11 IN

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CR Fashion Book Shows Us the Making of the Hermes Constance

In case you’re not yet familiar with CR Fashion Book, let me explain the CR stands for Carine Roitfeld, the incredibly influential and generally brilliant former editor of French Vogue. When she left her former post, she consulted for a little while before forming a new indie magazine, which is pretty great. Also great: the magazine’s look behind the scenes at the construction of the iconic Hermes Constance Bag, which promises to be the first in a series of features on the making of iconic accessories by CR editor Shiona Turini and photographer Ulysse Fréchelin. We’re pretty excited the pictures from this first outing are beautiful.

CR has taken the unconventional step of using Tumblr to power its official website, which happens to be a great format for big, beautiful, easily shared photos. We’ve shared some more of our favorites below,
christian louboutin at harrods, but you can check out the full editorial feature, plus information from Turini on the history of the bag,
christian louboutin patent, where it got its name and the process that goes into making the design a reality, via For example,
christian louboutin tan pumps, did you know that it takes 14 hours of labor by a single artisan to create one of these bags?

I always love photos like these lifting the veil on exactly how the world’s most beautiful objects are made often unveils a process that’s beautiful in and of itself, especially with a product as painstakingly constructed as an Hermes bag. Since this is the first in a series,
selfridges christian louboutin, which other accessories do you hope make it in front of the CR lens?

Amanda Mull ON

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Bag Battles: Saint Laurent vs,
christian louboutin official site. Maiyet

When I first saw the Maiyet Sophie Shoulder Bag, I spent a couple hours turning it over in the back of my mind, trying to remember what exactly it reminded me of. There was something about the hardware, but I couldn’t exactly place why it seemed familiar. Finally,
christian louboutin crystal shoes, it hit me it was like a curvier, more detailed version of the clean, modern Saint Laurent Lulu Shoulder Bag.

My feelings (and most of yours) about Saint Laurent’s venture into handbag design under new creative director Hedi Slimane have been mixed,
christian louboutin buy, but the Lulu is probably my favorite of the nascent range. It feels modern, it has a bit of signature hardware that matches that overall feeling, and the combined effect features just the right amount of restraint. It’s not too minimal,
christian louboutin bridal shoes blue sole, and it’s not too obviously inspired by something else. Even though these bags are quite similar, the curvy hardware and braided texture of the Maiyet option lends itself to a more bohemian aesthetic, while the Saint Laurent bag feels more fashion-forward. Because of that,
christian louboutin boston, the Saint Laurent bag wins my heart, but we want to know which bag you prefer in the comments.

Saint Laurent Lulu Shoulder Bag

$2,150 via Neiman Marcus

Maiyet Sophie Shoulder Bag

$1,895 via Net-a-Porter

Amanda Mull ON

5.31.13 IN

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Longchamp Ile aux Tresors & BYOB

Longchamp de Paris appear to be very creative this season. Flippin’ through the German Vogue, an ad with a redhead lady and a gorgeous shoulder bag caught my eye. Amazing when an advertizement actually does it job well, isn’t it? I hit their site and discovered their new Ile aux Trésors line for this spring. The pictured zip bag is very unique in the sense that no bag produced will exactly match another. The final canvas depends fully on the random cut of the fabric. Nifty! No word on the price tag on the pretty bag, I will try and figure it out for you today.

Following the footsteps of innovation, Longchamp invites the masses to their version of a OB party. OB in this case does not denote the unavoidable standard beer binge at a cheap-ass college frat party,
christian louboutin men sale, but Build Your Own Bag. While this certainly isn’t a groundbreaking innovation, I do like the way the concept is executed in their E-Boutique in 4 easy steps.

You enter the store,
christian louboutin rolando, select the country of delivery. First step in creating your perfect Le Pliage bag requires you to pick a size. A purse,
christian louboutin booties ankle boots, a clutch and four bag sizes are offered as choices. All bags have a nylon canvas and are enhanced with russian leather. Secondly, you choose whether you want a handbag (4″) or a shoulder bag with longer 10″ straps. In the third step,
christian louboutin world, you pick the colors for both the main canvas and center stripe colors, as well as pick between three available metal accessories finishing. In the last step, you can choose between more options, including a custom embroidery,
christian louboutin simple pumps, your embossed initials on the flap and gift wrapping. The prices range from $30-some bucks up to $130 for the largest bag size.

If you want to make a perfect gift for a special someone, or treat yourself — you will hardly get past this fantastic opportunity. Play around with the options at the Longchamp E-Boutique.

Vlad Dusil ON

4.22.05 IN

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Tods D-Styling Medium Bag in Green Python is enviable

I have no complaints about Tod’s, it’s just that I am never really into their bags. Tod’s is known for their clean lines and quality materials, but their designs are so subdued that I often find them a bit forgettable. However,
christian louboutin bluefly, the Spring 2012 collection from Tod’s caught my attention when I previewed it, and now I have a bag that I am positively obsessed with.

I am so in love with the Tod’s D-Styling Medium Bag in green python,
christian louboutin crystal. The timeless design in luxurious sueded python is so delicious I can’t stop staring at it. This bag pairs elegance with a fashion-forward flare and everyone should feel a twinge of wanting once your set your sights on it.

The Bauletto is a Tod’s staple, and while the leather versions are pretty,
christian louboutin reviews, the python is absolutely stunning. Green is not a favorite color of mine, but something about the color on this design turns me into a lady wanting a bag bad. I love the optional shoulder strap,
christian louboutin duvette, which plays down the structured body of the bag. The price seems fairly reasonable for what you get, and if Tod’s could continue to infuse a little zest in their offerings, I would be much more likely to become a Tod’s fangirl. $3,
christian louboutin lady peep spikes,845 via Tod’s online.

Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

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The holidays can be hard. Treat yourself to something sparkly.

I know that we’re all supposed to put on a happy face,
christian louboutin prive peep toe, sing holiday songs and pretend like we just love dealing with our various and assorted sociopathic family members this time of year, but let’s face it Christmas is often as stressful as it is exciting. I’m blessed with a small extended family,
black christian louboutin pumps, almost all of whom I get along with swimmingly, but not everyone is so lucky. If you’re one of the people who will have to drink for your entire trip home so that you don’t stab your sister-in-law with a fork,
christian louboutin buy, then perhaps a little present to yourself is in order. Might I suggest something sparkly, fun and entirely anti-utilitarian like the Judith Leiber Crystal and Bead Embellished Clutch?

Sparkles always preoccupy me at this time of year because of the looming New Year’s Eve parties,
christian louboutin leopard pumps, but I think that this clutch is cool enough to grab my attention no matter the season. Leiber’s work is usually relegated to the use of tiny crystals,
christian louboutin men sale, so seeing larger-scale beadwork on one of the brand’s clutches feels a bit refreshing. The geometric pattern that these beads create is perfect, and the amber-gold color manages to stay just this side of tacky. If you need to treat yourself and something like this is within your budget, this is an evening bag that you’ll have for the rest of your life. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1995.

Amanda Mull ON

12.21.10 IN

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YSL leopard calfhair provides a fun but neutral kick to a black outfit

There’s nothing to dislike about the Yves Saint Laurent Printed Calf Hair Clutch and I won’t let you or anyone else tell me otherwise!

Leopard is a certified trend for the time being,
christian louboutin studded loafers, and I tend to like grey leopard just as much as,
christian louboutin heels sale, if not more than, the traditional kind. Not only would actual leopards look really cool if they sported this color combination,
christian louboutin shoes uk, but the mixed tones of grey and black tend to have a slightly harder edge than their tan counterparts. Lucky for me, then, that I got to fondle this clutch in person the same day that it showed up on Net-a-Porter.

Calf hair’s texture varies widely from brand to brand, and the type that Yves Saint Laurent uses is one of the softest that I’ve felt. The color variation is excellent,
christian louboutin style shoes, and for those among us who want to embrace the trend without committing to a larger bag or a brighter color scheme, this little clutch is perfect (not to mention much less expensive than the YSL Leopard Roady.) Buy through Net-a-Porter for $995.

Amanda Mull ON

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